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Recycled Soda Can Christmas Tree Decoration that lights up. So cute and easy to make as a DIY Christmas Decoration for your home. 

soda can Christmas Tree decoration

Soda Can Christmas Tree

I can’t take credit for this idea, but I know a fun craft when I see one. I saw this aluminum can Christmas Tree last week, at the Christmas Tree Farm. It really caught my eye. I think this would be so cool on the side of a house, all lit up with lights at night, and shimmering during the day. What a great idea for recycling soda pop, beer, or any other aluminum can.

How do you make a soda can Christmas Tree?

  • In this example, the cans are glued together with hot glue. The lights can either be poking out through each can, or placed around the outside as an outline as you see above

Are you ready to make this fun Christmas Tree? Let’s make sure you have everything you need…

Materials needed for this Christmas Tree?

  • 67 empty soda cans
  • 1 (100 light) strand of Christmas lights
  • hot glue gun and glue sticks


  • layer soda cans in a pyramid starting with one can then two under that, then three and so on – until you complete a row of 10 cans
  • now, find the center of the row of 10 and place one can, add a can on either side of that one
  • layer more cans under the row of 3, adding one can until you have a row of five completed
  • string lights around the perimeter of the Christmas tree and glue in place
  • hang, plug in and enjoy

~ Melissa –


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