A St. Patrick’s Day Crayon Holder Craft | Kid Friendly Things To Do

A St. Patrick’s Day Crayon Holder Craft | Kid Friendly Things To Do

For the St. Patrick’s Day table I  thought of Leprechaun Hat St. Patrick’s Day Crayon Holders. They are easy to make and inexpensive. Perfect for St. Patrick’s Day crafts and activities.

St. Patrick's Day Napkin Holder Craft

St. Patrick’s Day Crayon Holder

I love to add a drawing activity to any party table. I usually use easel paper as my table cloth. I just unroll, and tape until the whole table is white with a paper table cloth. Then I add stickers, and crayons for immediate entertainment.

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Supplies Needed for this Crayon Holder

  1. Green Toilet Paper Rolls
  2. *Spray Paint-Green – if you can not find green tubes
  3. Yellow Craft foam or felt
  4. Green Craft foam or felt
  5. Scissors
  6. Hot Glue Gun and glue sticks
  7. Plastic shot cups, or small plastic cups that will fit inside a toilet paper tube

Instructions for  Hat:

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  • Cut the toilet paper roll a little longer than the desired length of your napkin ring
  • Spray Paint the cut pieces of your toilet paper rolls with the Green paint-covering the outside **I made a mistake by not painting the whole outside. I was in a huge hurry, and it shows. My advice to you would be to paint the entire outside and bottom.
  • Let Dry
  • Take your Green Foam or Felt – using your toilet paper roll as a template – trace around the roll onto the green foam
  • Now, keeping your toilet paper roll stationary, trace the inside as well
  • Pretend the above displays are painted green. I forgot to take a picture of this step
  • Cut around the larger circle, and cut out the center circle.
  • Cut several slits in the bottom of your roll going all the way around, and bend them outward – this will hold your foam circle-brim

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  • Slide the green foam circle onto the roll, with the folded out edges at the bottom.
  • Glue to secure

St. Patrick's Day Crayon Holder toilet paper tube craft

  • Using your brown foam or felt cut a narrow strip the length of the circumference of your toilet paper roll
  • Wrap it around the bottom of the roll-just above the green foam piece-glue to secure
  • Using your yellow foam or felt, cut out a small yellow square to serve as the hat buckle
  • Set it in place and glue

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Now, if you put crayons in this, they tend to tip the hat over. So, to solve that problem, I bought the little plastic shot cups. They are sold in bulk, and they are usually hanging on hooks, in the soda aisle. You can glue it to seal it inside the hat. You could even weigh it down with dry beans, or some other heavy and loose item – something that would allow the crayons to stand upright.

**Here’s An Idea For displaying stickers and paper.

  • Use a Leprechaun hat you purchased from the store. Turn it upside down, and use the inside bowl as a sticker & paper holder!


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