Sven From Frozen Paper Bag Craft – Kid Friendly Things To Do

Sven –  He’s a reindeer with a Labrador heart. Any Frozen character is a winner in my book, but Sven is such a cutie pie. You’ll love this Frozen Paper Bag Craft as a craft to do with the kids or for the kids at the birthday party.

Sven from Frozen tangled up in icicles!

Frozen Paper Bag Craft

I love the scene in Frozen when Sven gets tangled up in the icicles hanging from the tree. This gift bag is from that scene. Here’s Sven tangled in a branch of icicles.

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Sven Paper Bag

  • I used a brown paper bag that measures approximately 4 x 8 x 2 inches
  • I found some clear bubble beads that I thought could represent ice
  • I beaded them onto brown cording – gluing them to secure them in place
  • I used a brown felt oval for Sven’s muzzle and a brown pom-pom for his nose
  • I added wiggle eyes
  • Then, I used 1 long brown chenille stem  for his antler base
  • I cut another brown bendy in half and twisted those onto either end of his long antler
  • I glued the antlers onto the back of the bag
  • I then placed the icicles across the antlers


Olaf From Frozen Goody Bag!

  • That’s it –  Sven
  • The Olaf tutorial is Here


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