Olaf From the Movie Frozen Christmas Ornament

This Olaf Christmas Ornament might be the cutest Christmas ornament you’ll ever make. Make this cute Frozen Movie character with your kids this Christmas. They’ll be delighted when they see him on your tree. This craft would also make great gifts or a fun Frozen-Themed Activity for your birthday party…

Olaf Christmas Ornament

   Six years ago, the Frozen Movie took the world by storm. Our favorite character from Frozen was “hands down”, Olaf!

Olaf Christmas Ornament and craft

We can’t wait to see the new Frozen movie that’s being released this month.

Olaf Craft

I know a lot of you feel the same way, so I thought I’d transform my old Cotton Ball Olaf Ornament into a new and improved Olaf using Pom-Pom balls from the craft store and get some updated photos.

Olaf From the Movie Frozen Craft

He’s even cuter than the one I made six years ago. I mean, it’s Olaf. How can you resist that cute little snowman looking back at you?

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Here’s a quick movie to show you how I made this Olaf Craft…

Here’s What You’ll Need For this Frozen Craft Idea:

Olaf Christmas Ornament and craft

  • 1 large white pom-pom – about 2 inches wide
  • 2 medium sized pom-poms – about 1&1/2 inces wide
  • 3 mini black pom-pom balls
  • 1 Q-tip
  • 1 brown chenille strip (pipe cleaner)
  • 1 orange chenille strip
  • 2 teeny-tiny googly eyes
  • brown hemp chord
  • black hemp chord
  • glue – I used a low temp glue gun

Instruction on making this Olaf Christmas Ornament: 

  • Let’s start assembling pieces for Olaf
  • Olaf Christmas Ornament and craft
  • I started with the bottom and worked my way up
  • For Olaf’s bum (bottom) – you’ll want to put a cotton ball down side-ways – so it’s wide
  • Cut the Q-tip in half and trim the stick portion so there is just enough to go into the Pom-Pom
  • Glue the Q-tip legs into the bottom of the large pom-pom
Olaf Christmas Ornament and craft

  • Glue the medium pom-pom on top of the larger bottom one
  • Add the 3 mini black pom-pom balls for coal – 2 to the large pom-pom, and one on the medium
  • Now, grab the brown chenille, and cut 4 pieces – about 2 inches long
Olaf Snowman Ornament from the Movie Frozen!
  • Make those into the arms like the picture shown above – you’ll need 2 pieces for each arm. One to wrap around the top to make fingers
  • Glue those onto the top of the medium pom-pom facing them like they are reaching up into the air

Olaf’s Head:

Olaf Christmas Ornament and craft

  • Cut off about an inch of orange chenille for the nose
  • A little piece of black hemp for his smile
  • 3 little pieces of brown hemp for his 3 little hairs on his head
  • 2 teeny-tiny pieces of brown hemp for his eyebrows
  • Assemble as shown
  • Glue his hands to the sides of his face
Olaf Christmas Ornament and craft

  • Add a little loop of hemp to the back of his head to hang him from
  • Olaf Snowman Ornament from the Movie Frozen!Here’s the old version from six years ago.

Happy Holidays!

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