Water Bottle Indian Corn {Thanksgiving Craft}

These Water Bottle Indian Corn are a fun Thanksgiving craft to make and decorate with. Display your corn in a basket as another fall decoration this fall or holiday season.

Indian Corn craft for Thanksgiving

Indian Corn Craft – Thanksgiving Decoration to Make

Indian Corn Thanksgiving craft

Recycle water bottles and turn them into Indian Corn this Thanksgiving season. Easy to make and so cute!

fabric Indian Corn craft

I originally made luminaries from water bottles – years ago. I’ve been meaning to re-make that craft and post pictures, but I was procrastinating it. I didn’t feel like gluing a bunch of glass beads all over a water bottle and going through all of the steps. I guess, over the years, I’ve become a lazy crafter.

water bottle Indian Corn craft idea for Thanksgiving

A little while ago, I found a cute idea on the internet showing sewn fabric Indian Corn. The more that I looked at the cute Indian Corn in the basket, the more I thought – hmm…I think an upside-down water bottle might be about that same shape. I bought myself some fall-looking fabrics and got to work. Plaids would’ve been really cute.

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Are you ready to make this Thanksgiving Craft? Let’s make sure that you have everything you’ll need…

Supplies Needed for this Fall Craft: 

  • empty water bottles – dried out with lids on
  • fabric – I bought Fat Quarters in fall-like patterns or colors
  • low temp glue gun or tacky glue – Fabri-Tac works really well and sticks almost immediately
  • raffia – several pieces cut into 4-6 inch pieces
  • scissors
making fabric Indian corn for Thanksgiving craft


  • cut the Fat Quarter into quarters
Indian corn craft
  • place the water bottle at one end
  • check to see that the width is correct – The ends should fold up and meet in the middle at the bottom of the bottle and at the top
  • trim any excess
  • put a line of glue along the length of the bottle and press the edge of the fabric onto the glue
Indian corn Thanksgiving craft idea
  • roll the bottle with fabric until it’s covered
  • *if needed trim excess fabric
  • glue the other end of the fabric to the bottle
  • gather the end at the top of the bottle lid and glue to secure
Indian corn Thanksgiving craft idea
  • place the glue onto the bottom of the bottle
  • stick the raffia in the center and gather the fabric around it
  • glue to secure

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