Turkey Crayon Holder {Easy to Make} Thanksgiving Craft

Turkey Crayon Holders are the perfect addition to any Thanksgiving table. Add some coloring sheets or a paper tablecloth to add to the fun of this cute turkey filled with crayons. An easy to make turkey craft that’s so much fun for the kids.\

turkey crayon holder

Turkey Crayon Holder – turkey craft

turkey crayon holder

My kids love using their turkey crayon holders on our paper Thanksgiving table cloth. By the time Thanksgiving dinner is over, our table is completely decorated, and the kids have been entertained the whole time.

turkey crayon holder for kids

Tips and Tricks for your Turkey Crayon Holder

  • purchase wooden slices that are made for crafts
  • use a pencil or pen to carve out placeholders for the crayons
  • use a turkey face printable for the crayon holders
  • easily make one for each child’s place at the table
  • you can make a fun table with easel paper as a tablecloth or print off Thanksgiving coloring sheets for the kids

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Are you ready to make this fun Thanksgiving craft? Let’s make sure you have everything you’ll need…

Here’s What You’ll Need for each turkey:

making a turkey crayon holder


making a turkey crayon holder

  • cut your Styrofoam ball into slices that are wide enough to hold a crayon
  • cut a straight edge at the bottom of each useable slice
making a turkey crayon holder

  • use glue to sandwich the Styrofoam in between 2 slices of wood
making a turkey crayon holder

  • glue the printed turkey face onto the front
making a turkey crayon holder

  • use the end of a pencil or pen to twist back and forth into the Styrofoam, making five places for the crayons – all the way around
  • *I snapped this picture before I decided the turkey needed a wooden piece on the back for weight. You can do it either before you add the back piece or after
turkey crayon holder for kids

  • place crayons into holes – adjusting the depth, if necessary

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Enjoy, and my sincerest wishes for a very Happy Thanksgiving!

~Melissa – KidFriendlyThingsToDo.com

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