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This is a fun way for kids to use wordplay on Kit-Kats. Use Kit-Kat Bars to show your friends how much you like them. Kids that like to craft will love this Homemade Valentine’s Day card and treat idea.

Kit Kat Valentine's Day Card Idea

Kit-Kat Valentine’s Day Card Idea

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Here are the supplies I used for this cat:

  • I used pink construction paper for the body, arms, and face
  • White paper with “You Are One Kool Kat!” printed onto it, cut in the shape of the body
  • Google eyes
  • Purple Paper for the ears – cut into little triangles
  • I found some card stock with glitter hearts for the paws
  • Glitter paper for the nose
  • Red Marker for whiskers and mouth- you could also use glitter glue

A Clever Valentine Card Using Kit-Kats

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  • I cut a pear shaped body out of the pink paper – about 4 inches in length and 3 inches in width (at the widest part)
  • I used the pink paper to cut strips – about 4 inches by 3/4 inches then I used an accordion fold to make them a little more fun for the arms!
  • I used the same pink paper to cut a face – it’s about 2&1/2″ wide by 2″ tall
  • Since I was in cutting mode, I cut out two little purple triangles for ears, and a little pink glittery triangle for the nose
  • Then I used Microsoft Word to type – You Are One Cool Kat and printed that out on white copy paper. I cut that into a pear shape like the pink one, but smaller. The white belly is about 3 inches by 2 inches – I glued that to the center of the pink belly
  • I cut the hearts out of card stock with glitter hearts for the paws
  • I assembled the face and used a red Sharpie for details on the cat’s face

A Clever Valentine Card Using Kit-Kats

  •  I used this really great Fabric Glue that sticks super fast – It’s called Fabri-Tac, and you can find it at Michaels Craft Store, Wal-Mart and Jo-Ann Fabrics to name a few places
  • I bent the top of the pink body and used that as my spot to glue the face

A Clever Valentine Card Using Kit-Kats

  • Then, I added my accordion arms and heart paws
  • I set my Kit-Kat down in between the two arms and pulled the arms up to glue the hearts onto the Kit-Kat – framing the name Kit-Kat with the paws

A Clever Valentine Card Using Kit-Kats

  • Done! Happy Valentines Day!

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