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These easy and fun Chocolate Covered Oreo Cookie baseballs on a Stick will look great at your summer picnics, baseball outings, Fouth of July, and birthday parties. Surprise dad with a tray of these for Father’s Day! Here’s the how to:

You’ll Need:

  • Double Stuffed Oreo Cookies
  • Toothpicks
  • Wilton White Chocolate Melts – melted according to package directions in a large bowl
  • Red Icing In A Squeeze Tube
  • Wax Paper on a tray the will fit nicely into your freezer

Suggested Equipment:

Now, here we go!:

  • Basketball Cookie On A Toothpick Fun Food
  • Start off by trimming the bottom of the Oreo Cookies so they have a straight edge to stand on
  • Make a sawing motion with your knife to do this
  • Baseball Cookies On A Stick
  • One by one, place your cookies into the bowl and pull them out with a fork, tapping any excess chocolate back into the bowl
  • Transfer the chocolate covered cookies onto your wax paper
  • Pop these into the freezer
  • After they have had a few minutes in the freezer, and the chocolate has hardened – Insert toothpicks opposite the straight edge – into the top of the cookie
  • Stand the cookie up to test it. If any excess chocolate is making it wobbly, now is your chance to trim it with a knife
  • This is such a fun Patriotic dessert. Perfect for baseball games, summer picnics, and Fourth of July!
  • Decorate with red icing
  • There you have it – Chocolate Covered Oreo Cookie Baseballs on a Stick! Phew – long title!
  • Happy Summer!

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~Melissa –


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