Minion Chocolate Covered Pretzels

So…I’m in a little bit of a pickle. What kind of pickle am I in? What happened? Really? You want me to go on? Alrighty then!  Let me explain my predicament to y’all. Zulilly, have you heard of the catalog company Zulilly? I’ve always drooled over their kid’s clothes, but I’m getting off track here.

Back to my point…A couple of months ago, Zulilly reached out to me, and mentioned they’d like to feature a Minion idea that was getting a lot of attention on Pinterest. Well, yay!!! is what I say to that! Yay! I gave them the stuff they needed, and they featured it – Yay! Once it went live…and here’s my pickle…they asked if I would feature their Minion round up, as well. Sure thing! They were so nice to think of me, Of course I will!  IF, I hadn’t just told my readers that I would leave them alone with my Minion ideas for a while.  I’m trying to hold back people! It’s a struggle. Also, how the heck do you blog about a feature without sounding like a total (insert G rated version) butt? You’d all be like, Oh no she didn’t! She did not just come out and brag about her big ole’ feature! Hmm…think, think, think. Got it! I’ll re-do a really down right embarrassing post on Chocolate Covered Minions. Down right embarrassing pictures, sloppy job, etc… I’ll update it with better pictures. I’ll make it easier, and a lot more fun for Minion parties. Then, I’ll re-post it and slide my Zulilly thing right in with the Minion Chocolate Covered Pretzels! Brilliant, right?! I amaze myself, sometimes. 😉

Here’s my re-post from years ago that really isn’t anything like the old, so I’m not sure if I can technically even call it a re-post. Shut up, Melissa?! Yep…I know. I’m rambling. Here goes:

 This week seems to have a Minion Them to it! I thought I would keep going with it, by making some Minion Chocolate Covered Pretzels! These would be fun to hand out at a Despicable Me 2 Party, or Minion Party! Here’s what I used to make these, and little step by step for you:

You’ll Need – For Yellow Minions:

The cutest Minion Chocolate Covered Pretzels -

  • Wilton Chocolate Melts – Yellow & Black
  • Pretzel Rods
  • Candy Eyes
  • Squeeze tube – Wilton, I buy mine at Michaels in the candy making aisle
  • Chocolate Flavored Licorice Sticks – the kids like these soooo much better than the black. 
  • Scissors
  • Wax Paper
  • Optional paint brush – small

For Purple Minions:

The cutest Minion Chocolate Covered Pretzels -

  • Wilton Chocolate Melts – Purple
  • Wilton Chocolate Melts – White
  • Pretzel Rods
  • Candy Eyes
  • Candy Squeeze tube
  • Paint brush – small

Yellow Minions:

The cutest Minion Chocolate Covered Pretzels -

  • Get some hair ready for your Minions by cutting the licorice strips like the picture above – Cut sections off that are about 1/4 to 1/2 in. long, and repeat, making as many hair pieces as you need
  • I had some single strips set aside for parted hair pieces, too

The cutest Minion Chocolate Covered Pretzels -

  • Melt the yellow chocolate melts in a glass bowl using the directions on the back of your package
  • Dip the pretzel rods into the melted yellow chocolate, rolling them until they are coated
  • Place them down on wax paper to dry
  • While they are drying add one or two eyes to each pretzel
  • Once dry, use the melted chocolate to dip the hair pieces (licorice) into, and attach the hair pieces to the top of each pretzel
  • Melt the black chocolate and place it into the squeeze tube

The cutest Minion Chocolate Covered Pretzels -


  • Use the black chocolate to make the goggle bands, and mouths for the Minions 🙂 
  • You can really change their expression by the type of mouth you give them. Experiment and have fun!
  • I didn’t do this with the yellow Minions, but if you still have some yellow chocolate, and I think you will, re-melt it, and use a paintbrush to add eyelids to some. That really gives them the  ticked off look that I love!

Purple Minions:

  • Melt your purple chocolate in a glass microwave proof bowl using the package directions
  • Place a small amount into a squeeze tube
  • Set out a piece of wax paper

The cutest Minion Chocolate Covered Pretzels -

  • Get some crazy hair ready for your Evil Minions by making hair designs on the wax paper
  • Let those dry

The cutest Minion Chocolate Covered Pretzels -

  • Roll the pretzel rods in the rest of the purple chocolate and set them on wax paper to dry
  • While they dry, add 1 or 2 candy eyes 
  • You can use any extra chocolate in the squeeze tube to give some of the Minions eyelids


  • Break some white chocolate melts into pieces, and use them as teeth

The cutest Minion Chocolate Covered Pretzels -

  • Once they have dried use the melted purple chocolate as glue to attach the crazy hair pieces

You can package these individually to give out in party bags, or use them as a fun party snack! 

If you’re lookin for more Minion ideas…I’ve gotcha covered! Check out this Minion Rice Krispies Snack that was featured on Zulilly! Chocolate covered pretzles and rice krispies?! You’ll be the bomb at the party!

Minion Rice Krispies Treats Fun Food Idea - What a fun idea that all kids at the birthday party will love! The Minions even have fruit roll up pants! Fun!


How’d I do? Do you hate me? Don’t hate me! As a matter of fact…let’s be friends! Come hang out in my social places! I can’t wait to see you there. 

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Melissa –

Despicable Me 2 Chocolate Covered Pretzel Minions!

You thought I was done with this never ending post? Nope. Here’s my original post from 2013. Blah! 

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