Paper Doilies Snowman Craft – A Winter Craft for Kids

This Paper Doilies Snowman Craft is a great preschool or kid’s craft for winter. It’s easy to make and so cute on display. 

A sweet and simple snowman preschool and kid's winter craft

Paper Doilies Snowman Craft

The perfect winter craft for little kids and preschoolers. Make a snowman out of different sizes of doilies, add buttons, and some snow.

How cute is this? This is a craft my little guys’ preschool did with the kids. Preschool teachers are the best, aren’t they?

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Here’s what you’ll need to make this cute snowman craft:

Supplies Needed

  • long dark blue or black sheet of construction paper 0r 2 taped together
  • 3 different sized doilies
  • buttons
  • a black sharpie
  • silver glitter glue


  • On your dark paper, glue the 3 doilies with the largest at the bottom, the medium-sized one in the middle, and a small one on top
  • add buttons to the middle and bottom doily
  • use the marker to make a snowman face
  • add snow with glitter glue


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