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It’s a last-minute craft for the kids on Thanksgiving Day! I love this simple and fun craft! It might just look like a turkey, but when you pull the string the turkey makes a popping noise that sounds like a turkey call! Just cut and paste the turkey printable of your choice – I’ve provided links to a pre-school and more advanced – for the older kids – turkey cut and paste. And…Follow these easy steps and pictures!… Happy Thanksgiving! 🙂

turkey gobbling craft

Turkey Gobbling Craft:

Are you looking for fun Thanksgiving crafts for the kids? Try,


  • Print out the printable from the links provided below
  • Let kids color, and cut out their turkeys
  • Poke a hole in the bottom of the cup.
  • Kid's Turkey Craft
  • Set the cup upside down on the table – so the bottom of the cup is now the top!
  • Kid's Turkey Craft
  • Use about 16″ of a nice sturdy yarn or string to slip into the top of the whole
  • Kid's Turkey Craft
  • Wrap Masking tape around the end of the string that is inside the cup – making a masking tape ball that is bigger than the small hole so it won’t pull out of the cup
  • Kid's Turkey Craft
  • Finally, glue the front of your colored turkey to the front of the cup, and the colored back (the feathers) to the back of the cup, facing you
  • Pull the string up a few times – to hear the turkey “Gobble”
  • 10 Thanksgiving crafts to make a Beautiful and Kid Friendly Thanksgiving Table!
  • Happy Thanksgiving!!!!! Gobble, Gobble!

Here are the links I promised:
A Pre-School “Easy” Cut and Paste – go to


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