Make New Years Eve Noise Makers From Recycled Water Bottles

Add some colorful sparkle to your old water bottles, place some noisy objects inside, and seal the lid to make some fun noisemakers this New Years’ Eve. A great Noisemaker Idea for Kids on New Year’s Eve

Make New Years Eve Noise Makers out of recycled water bottles for the kids or the adults at your party! Easy to make! -

New Year’s Eve Noise Makers for Kids

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You’ll Need:

  • Mop & Glo (or another multi-purpose floor cleaner) – this works as a glue for the glitter to adhere to the surface, but it’s easier to distribute than glue, as its liquid
  • EXTRA FINE GLITTER – Various Bright Colors
  • Empty Plastic water bottles with lids
  • Small rocks, rice, tiny bells, or glass beads

Now, On To The Craft:

  • Over the sink or a large bowl, pour some Mop & Glo into the water bottle. Put the lid on, and swirl the cleaner around the inside of the bottle to cover the entire inside surface including the top of the lids
  • Remove the lids and shake a good amount of glitter into the water bottle, and turn the bottle around shaking the glitter all over the Mop & Glo
  • If you want, you can put the lids back on to get some glitter on the inside of the lid tops
  • You can let the glitter dry to the side for a bit (a few minutes)
  • Add your noisy objects to the inside of the glittered water bottle
Make New Years Eve Noise Makers out of recycled water bottles for the kids or the adults at your party! Easy to make! -
  • Seal the lid to the bottle – Voila’ You’re Don

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 ~Melissa – KidFriendlyThingsToDo.Com



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  1. Nancy

    I’m wondering why Mop & Glo? Does it dry? If so, how long did it take.

    1. Melissa

      I don’t know why Mop & Glo works, but it does. Another preschool mom told me about the trick, years ago. I believe when I made these last year, I used a generic alternative to Mop & Glo. I just used another multi-surface floor liquid cleaner. It’s probably the protectant the floor cleaner adds to their products. It acts as an adhesive. It will dry pretty quickly. (maybe 5-10 minutes?) Just take the lids off of the bottles for a little while. When you’re satisfied, tighten the lids. To really secure the lids, you can even add a little hot glue. I actually kept the bottles that I made for the kids last year. They still have the glitter on the sides, and even on the inside of the lids. They look just like the day that I made them. I hope the bottles turn out well for you. ~ Happy Holidays

  2. My Own Water

    Thanks for sharing this great idea to recycle an empty water bottle. I’ll share these to my kids and I think they are going to love these too. These are great noise maker for these coming New Year Celebration.