Homemade Scented Playdough

Easy to make no-cook homemade playdough in 20 minutes. Making homemade scented playdough is a fun activity that will pack warm cozy scents of the holidays or season into a can.

– flour – salt – cream of tartar – baby oil  – warm tap water – Food coloring  – different ingredients for scents


– In a large bowl, mix only flour with the salt and the cream of tartar. – In a separate bowl, mix the oil and warm water – Pour the water mixture into the dry ingredients.

– Start kneading the dough. – Roll the dough out into a large rectangle and divide it into four sections – Roll those sections into balls

– To Add scents and color, make a well in each playdough ball by pushing your thumb down in the center of the playdough ball – Add the color and spices, or extracts to the well – Knead the color and the scent by working it with your hands.

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