How To Make a Christmas Candy Sleigh

Learn how to make this easy Candy Sleigh for Christmas that’s the perfect gift, party favor or craft for the kids. Make this fun Christmas craft in only 20 minutes.

– Miniature Christmas Wrapped Hershey Bars – candy canes – twine – Foil wrapped chocolate Santa Claus Candy – Lo temp glue gun with glue sticks


– Line 4 identically wrapped Hershey bars in a row – Secure them with glue – Add your candy canes, using glue to secure, to each side of your lined Hershey Bars

– Stack 3 more Hershey bars and glue them together for the gifts that Santa will deliver – Wrap those in twine and tie the twine at the top, in a bow

– Glue that onto the back of the sleigh – Glue the Santa in front of the presents

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