How to Make a Fairy Doll

Make a fairy doll out of pipe cleaners, a bead, and an artificial flower. It’s easy to make with the kids, and they are such cute homemade fairy dolls to play with.

– Pipe Cleaners – Wooden bead – Embroidery Floss – Artificial Flower – Sharpies or Paint Markers – Tacky Glue  – Scissors


– Cut a piece of your pipe cleaner to use as arms   – Cut a piece of floss – Wrap the floss around your about four fingers

– With your long piece of pipe cleaner, center it and bend it over the loop of floss. – Twist the pipe cleaner to secure it. – Pull pipe cleaner with hair through the wooden bead. – The hair should be just above the bead.

– Cut right down the center of the two loops of embroidery floss to let the hair flow down. – Shape the hair and use glue  – Pull the middle piece of the flower out of the artificial flower.

– Holding the flower petals upside down, pull the pipe cleaner and bead through the center of the artificial flower and glue  – Wrap the small piece of pipe cleaner under the wooden bead/face and twist to secure – Use the sharpies or paint pens to make facial features

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