How to Make a Rainbow-Shaped Balloon

Make this rainbow balloon for your next rainbow party, spring, summer, or St. Patrick's Day celebration. A fun way to celebrate a birthday or make someone’s day with a colorful rainbow balloon.

– balloon pump – white twisting balloons – colorful twisting balloons


– Blow up three white balloons to the end and tie them closed – Blow up 4 colorful balloons in descending lengths

– Take the three white balloons and set them all side-by-side. Twist the ends together one end. – Somewhat loosely braid the balloons and twist them at the other end.

– Add your longest colorful balloon by tucking it into the spaces between the braid on both ends. – Add the next longest balloon just inside the long one.

– Continue until all four balloons are arches tucked into the braided cloud – You can tie a knot into the ends with excess empty balloon ends and cut it under the knot

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