How to Make Colorful Corn Husk Dolls

Making your own DIY corn husk dolls is a fun and easy craft to make with the kids. A perfect Thanksgiving craft and activity.

– corn husks  – Fabric Dye – Water


– Add warm water to large containers or pans – Add dye to each container and mix in – Put the husks in the pool of water dye

– Once your husks have soaked, pick 8 husks to make your doll. – Squeeze out the excess water – Stack 6 of your husks – matching the ends up with all of the pointed ends to one side and the wide straight ends on the other.

– Alternate colors, except for the two in the middle – tear one of the husks into thin strips – Use one of your thin strips to tie a knot around your stacked 6 husks together – Pull the corn husks apart in the center and fold them over the tied end – Use another strip to tie around it

– Take your last corn husk that is sitting on the side, and roll it up to form a long tube. – Slide this arm/tube into the split of the dress, sliding it all the way up to the head.

– Tie another strip under the arms – For girl dolls: pull the corn husks into tiny strips from the bottom of the dress to the waist.  – For boy dolls: Split the corn husks in half to make two legs. Use the corn strips to tie each leg.

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