Reindeer Towles

The perfect Christmas craft

 This no-sew reindeer towel craft is an easy to make and fun Christmas decoration. 


– towels  – Paper Clips – rubberbands – foam sheets – googly eyes – ribbon – Jingle Bells – Red pom-poms – Glitter paper – Glue – Wooden Dowels and skewers

– Lay your towel out on your work surface and fold it in thirds  – Roll both edges toward the middle and secure them together on the ends with paper clips – Take a rubber band and place it around the design of the towel  – Take the other half of your towel, fold it up and over

– Take your hand and push down the center of the towel  – Secure the two legs together with another paper clip  – Now fold the top part of the towel, over the top to make the head – Wrap a rubber band around it – Wrap another rubber band around the neck

– Place a red ribbon around the rubber band on the neck and glue to secure i – On the bath towel, the larger reindeer, add a bell in the center – Cover the rubberband on the face with more ribbon – Glue bells across the ribbon  – Glue the googly eyes to the top portion of the ribbon

– Slip the ribbon that is still exposed behind the face ribbon – Glue the red pom-pom to the ribbon that is still exposed and now hanging down – Cut antlers from the glitter paper and ears from the foam – Tuck those into the ear of the towel – Push dowels into the legs of the reindeer

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