How to Play 31

A fun family-friendly game

The card game 31 is such a fun family game to play. Sometimes called Scat, this fun card game is perfect for game night. An easy and hilarious way to spend some time with your friends and family.


Deck of cards

– Ace equals 11 – Face cards all equal 10 each – Jokers are not included – Numbered cards are equal to their number – Object: To have the hand that totals 31 or is the closest to adding up to 31

– The dealer will need to deal 3 cards to each player. – Players should not reveal their cards. – Once the cards are all dealt, the rest of the cards should go in a stack (face down) in the center of the table – From that stack, the top card should be turned face up and placed next to the face-down stack of card

– Player one: Draw one card from either pile on the table and add it to your hand of 3 – Player one should decide now which 3 they want to keep. They should keep the 3 cards that will get them the closest to the total 31 – The card player one does not want to keep must be discarded face up in the "face up" pile – Play then moves on to the person to the left of player one and continues

– Once a player feels like they have a good hand that totals closest to 31, they should "knock on the table" – Once a player knocks, everyone must reveal their cards "face up" on the table  – That player with the lowest hand loses a life – Once a player loses 4 lives, they are out of the game – The last player left standing wins the game

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