How To Play BS

BS is a card bluffing game that is a hilarious family card game. It’s the perfect game for a friendly card game and family game night. The perfect indoor game to play at any holiday, or fun event.

Be the first player to get rid of all of the cards in your hand!

– 3-10 players – table and chairs – deck of cards


– First off, set the jokers aside – The dealer should deal all of the cards out with their values facing down  – The person that goes first should call out how many Aces they are setting down and set them down – Face down on the center of the table. It would sound something like this, "2 Aces"

– Then, the next person clockwise, sets down 2s while announcing how many 2s they are setting down on top of the Aces – The next player in rotation should call out how many 3s they are setting down and place them on the 2s – This pattern continues around the table as you count up to King, and then starts over with Ace

– If at any time you don't believe a player is really setting down the cards they say they are setting down you can call BS! – The person that is being challenged must reveal the cards they just placed down – If the player was telling the truth, the challenger must take all of the cards from the middle of the table – If the player being challenged was bluffing, then they must take all of the cards from the middle of the table

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