Jack-O-Lantern Halloween Sandwich

A quick Halloween treat

This Jack-O-Lantern Halloween Sandwich will be the perfect addition to your Halloween celebrations. It also makes a quick and easy lunch. Everybody will enjoy this fun and healthy snack.

– bread – lunch meat – lettuce – tomato – mayonnaise – mustard – yellow cheese – pepperoni – celery stalk


– use the circle cookie cutter to make circle shapes from bread slices – using the two pieces of bread, prepare a sandwich with meats, condiments, and toppings

– once you have the top slice of bread on your prepared sandwich, prepare the Jack-O-Lantern Face – cut triangle shapes and a Jack-O-Lantern smile shape out of cheese and/or pepperoni

– place shapes onto the top piece of bread, creating the face – add a small piece from the celery stalk to the top as a stem

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