Leprechaun Trap

Setting out Leprechaun Traps on St. Patrick’s Day is a fun way to celebrate with the kids. This Leprechaun Trap idea is fun and definitely easy to make.

– There are so many possibilities for making Leprechaun traps

– I've seen elaborate traps, lego traps, cereal box traps, paper mache traps, etc...

The traps that get my attention are the easy ones.  We keep it as simple as possible. Like a St. Patrick's Day Hat Trap 

For a Leprechaun Hat Trap  You'll Need 

– A St. Patrick's Day hat (plastic or felt) - scissors  – A covering for the hole in the hat, like a St. Patrick's Day Napkin, moss, stiff felt, or tissue paper – Green or rainbow colored Pipe cleaners - to make a shiny ladder leading to the gold

Then, you'll need something to trick them   - fake gold coins – colorful pipe cleaner to make rainbows – optional: cotton balls to add clouds – paper signs saying Free Gold – shamrock  decorations

Something to place Over Your Trap...

– Plastic Gold Coins are always a safe bet – I painted a Dixie Cup with gold spray paint and filled it with fake coins – *you can use a Halloween Caldron and paint it gold for an even better pot of gold


– Cut a hole in the top of the hat – Just in case the leprechauns are onto you, place something under the hat to tempt them to climb on anyway - like gold coins – Place moss or a napkin over the hole with something over it that the leprechauns will want really badly (more gold coins)

– Place something over the covered hole as a distraction - like a rainbow or a pot of gold – As if the gold isn't enough, place a DIY sign in front of the hat that says "free gold!" – Make a little ladder out of your pipe cleaners so they have something to climb up – Finally, make a path of shamrocks, rainbows, or gold coins leading to the hat

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