Love Bug Oreo Cookie Valentine

So Easy to Make!

Easy and simple yet adorable holiday food

Valentine Love Bugs

Oreo Cookie Love Bugs: They are almost too cute to eat.

I mean…look at them!

You can easily make Chocolate dipped Oreo Cookies a week in advance!

When to make them?

Room temperature  temperature without any cover for a couple of days.

How to store them?

Let´s make sure  you have everything you’ll need!

Are you ready ?

– Oreo Cookies  – Red melting chocolate – sprinkles   – candy eyes

What you need:

– melt the chocolate – dip cookies halfway into chocolate 

How To Make Them?

– add melted chocolate dots for eyes

How To Make Them?

– place candy eyes and sprinkles onto melted chocolate

How To Make Them?

Detailed instructions and full printable recipe!

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