Paper Plate Craft for Cinco De Mayo

This Paper Plate Sombrero is easy to make for Cinco De Mayo. It is the perfect craft to celebrate at your school's cultural day.

– Paper Plate – Plastic Solo cup – Pom-Poms  – A temp glue gun and glue sticks – Hole punch – Elastic cording  – Ribbon or Yarn


– Trace the solo cup in the middle of the plate – From the hole you traced on the plate, cut a smaller circle out of the middle – Glue the Solo cup upside down over the hole

– Glue pom-poms onto  one end of your long pieces of ribbon – decorate the hat with ribbon and pom-poms by gluing them to the underside of the plate

– Glue about eight pom-poms directly to the top brim of the plate – Use a hole punch to make holes directly across from each other on either side of the rim – Tie around a piece of elastic cording on to help keep the hat nice and secure

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