Making An Easy Flower Cupcake

Make this fun and easy flower-shaped cupcake for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, or just for your special someone. Make multiple flower cupcakes to make a bouquet of flower cupcakes in only 20 minutes.

– Baked cupcakes baked in a thick paper wrapper – fun flower cupcake wrappers  – Frosting – M&Ms  – Paper straws


– Bake your cupcakes in thick paper wrappers – Once the cupcakes have cooled off, decorate the cupcake with a colorful frosting

– add a little candy for the center of the flower. – Cut a little hole in the wrapper at the bottom of the cupcake – Cut a hole in the flower wrapper to match up

– Push the straw through the flower cupcake and add some frosting around the straw – Push it up into the bottom of the cupcake going through the hole you made earlier

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