How to Make Water Bottle Noise Makers - for New Year's Eve

Add some colorful sparkle to your old water bottles, place some noisy objects inside, and seal the lid to make some fun noisemakers this New Years’ Eve. A great Noisemaker Idea for Kids on New Year’s

- Mop & Glo (or another multi-purpose floor cleaner)  – EXTRA FINE GLITTER – Various Bright Colors – Empty Plastic water bottles with lids – Small rocks, rice, tiny bells, or glass beads

Supplies You'll Need 

Over a sink or large bowl, coat the inside of the bottle with the cleaner

Now, you can remove the water bottle lids

Now, you can remove the water bottle lids and shake some glitter inside 

Swirl it around to coat the inside of the bottle 

let the cleaning solution dry so the glitter has time to set

Once dry...add some fun noisemakers to shake inside the bottle


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