Making Rolled Beeswax Candles with Kids

These beeswax-rolled candles can be made for any occasion or holiday. Kids and adults will love making candles and decorating them.

– hair dryer  – wax paper  – beeswax sheets  – wick – mini cookie cutters


– Cut the wick so it is longer than the shorter length of the beeswax candle sheet. – Set the beeswax sheet onto the wax paper and place the wick so it is lying across the edge of the short side

– Start rolling the beeswax up and around the wick. – Once you get to the end, use a hair dryer to slightly warm the last little bit. Push the warmed edge onto the candle and gently press down to seal it.

– Decorate and use your mini cutters to punch fun shapes out of contrasting beeswax colors

– To make the shapes stick better to the candle, I used a hair dryer to warm them up so they would mold easier.

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