Marshmallow Ghosts on a String {Halloween Game}

This Marshmallow Ghosts on a String game is perfect for your Halloween parties. This Halloween game is easy and fun to play with everyone.

A great Halloween game for kids, teens, and adults!

– Jumbo marshmallows  – Black food marker – String Strong  – Broom


– Draw ghost faces on marshmallows – Tie a long string around ghost marshmallows and tie a knot at the top of the marshmallow

– Have 2 adults hold the broom up (sway the broomstick or pole making the ghosts swing back and forth to make it more challenging) – Line up the players so they are about mouth level with the ghost marshmallows

– Players should put their hands behind their back – When you are ready, yell go! – Players should try to eat their entire Ghost Marshmallow without dropping any on the floor – If it drops – they are out

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