Marshmallow Hot Chocolate Mug Cookies

These Marshmallow Hot Chocolate Mug Cookies are so adorable and easy to make. They are the perfect winter treat to make in only 5 minutes.

– marshmallows – cookies  – chocolate melts  – mini candy canes – mini dehydrated marshmallows – Optional - Christmas sprinkles


– melt the candy melts until smooth in a shallow bowl – set out a cookie for your treat to sit on top of

– cut a mini candy cane at the base of the crook leaving 2 parts, the curved part, and a straight candy stick – push the curved part of the candy cane into the side of the marshmallow as a mug handle

– use that handle to hold the marshmallow while you dip it into the chocolate - only covering the bottom and top of the marshmallow – place one end of your chocolate topped marshmallow onto the cookie

– next, push the other half of the candy can at a slight angle into the chocolate top – add some dehydrated marshmallow bits to the melted chocolate

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