Milk Jug Scarecrow Craft

This cute Milk Jug Scarecrow Craft & Candy Bucket is perfect to carry Halloween candy. Easy to make and so much fun. A great fall craft for everyone.

– milk jug  – large googly eyes – double sided tape  – orange foam sheet – raffia – black 3D puffy paint squeeze tube



– cut the top off of the milk jug  – use double sided tape to line the inside of the top/front and sides of the jug – cut pieces of raffia and stick them to the double-sided tape

– fold the raffia over and secure it with more double-sided tape on the outside of the jug – use the double sided tape to attach the eyes – cut a large triangle nose from the foam and use tape to secure that to the jug – use the puffy paint to make a smile with stitches

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