Minion Cheese Sticks

Easy Minion Cheese Stick Snacks for your Minion birthday party. Make these Minion party snacks ahead of time in 15 minutes for the kids to enjoy.

– Scissors – Scotch tape – Yellow Cheese Sticks – Black 3-D Paint Googly eyes – Royal Blue FeltBlack cording – Fabric Tac Glue


– Pull the sides of the plastic wrap behind the stick to the worded side and tape it down. – Pull the top and bottom seal to the back of the cheese stick and tape it down

– Cut a piece of blue felt out and glue it around the bottom end of the cheese stick – Use the black paint to draw a circle onto the top half of the cheese stick – Press a googly eye onto the circle over the black paint circle

– Using the paint, draw goggle straps on the sides and a mouth – Glue small pieces of black cording for the Minion's Hair – Place Minion Cheese Sticks into the fridge to store them

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