Easy Minion Cheese Stick Snack Idea!

Did someone say there was a Minion Movie coming out this summer?! Just kidding! I can’t wait to see it! I was thinking you all might be looking for easy snack ideas for a Minion Birthday Party. Boy, do I have you covered. Minions are on my brain right now. So…Let’s get this Minion Party Started! These Minion cheese sticks are so easy to make, and they look so darned cute! I’ve got a simple version for ya, and a keepin’ it real simple version! Come on in,  pull up a chair, and I’ll show you how!

For this Minion Snack Idea, you’ll need:

  • Yellow Cheese Sticks such as Sargento Cheddar
  • Black Sharpie
  • Wiggly eyes – various sizes
  • Royal Blue Felt
  • Fabri Tac Glue is suggested
  • Scissors

On to the Fun!


  • Easy Minion Cheese Stick Snacks!  What an awesome idea for a Minion or Despicable Me party! Oh my goodness...so many Minion ideas on this site!
  • Simple Version:
  1. Grab your supplies
  2. Use scissors to trim the tip (careful not to break the seal) off of the end of the cheese stick that is the opposite end of the “open here” – the bottom
  3. Fold the sides back and glue them down along the side with all of the words – covering up the advertising, so your Minon does not have words written across his face!
  4. Cut a piece of blue felt out – about a 2″x 2″ square should do it, and glue it around the cheese stick. This will cover the top “open here” part, so you don’t have extra plastic sticking up. So, basically your cheesestick will be upside down!
  5. Glue your candy, or wiggly eyes on – some with 1, some with 2!, and use a Sharpie to decorate with hair plugs, and a mouth! Change it up with frowns, smiles, and shock expressions!
  6. You’re Done! See…Simple!

Real Simple Version:

  1. Omit step 2! I’m taking pictures for a display, here…so I took that extra step. Kids could care less if the plastic is hanging off of the sides! If it bugs you, glue the sides back, if not – make it easy on yourself, and avoid sticky glue fingers! 
  2. Buy the self adhesive felt – Now you don’t have to glue the felt! I haven’t tested the adhesive qualities of this idea, but it’s worth a shot! 
  3.  Super Simple, y’all!

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Easy Minion Cheese Stick Snacks!  What an awesome idea for a Minion or Despicable Me party! Oh my goodness...so many Minion ideas on this site!

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