Despicable Me Minion Gift Bag Idea

Oh my goodness…I am finding it really hard to stop making minions.  They are just so cute. I can’t resist making cute Minion Crafts. This Minion Gift Bag Craft will be perfect for your birthday party.

minion gift bag craft

Minion Gift Bag Craft

The purple minion is in a different tutorial.  Click this link to get to the purple minion: Evil Minion With Crazy Hair Tutorial Link

For the Yellow Minions –

You’ll Need:

  • Yellow gift bags – I finally found some at the Family Dollar Store – I’m sure a party store would have plenty to choose from
  • White Felt
  • Black Felt
  • Giant Google Eyes about 40 mm
  • Yellow Foam Sheet
  • Brown (chocolate brown) Foam Sheet
  • Silver Mason Jar Lid – I used some pretty large lids,  they were about 4 inches in diameter. If you get smaller lids, you can fit 2 eyes on a bag.
  • Black Sharpie
  • Warm Glue Gun and glue sticks – you can use a hot glue gun. With kids, I like to use a warm gun to avoid severe burns

So you don’t have to go all over God’s earth looking for supplies – Here are some Suggested Materials, all in one place: 🙂


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Now, on to the Minions!:

Assembling the eye:

  • Minion Gift Bag Craft
  • Using the Mason Lid, trace a circle out of the white felt
  • brown-foam
  • Now, take your giant eyeball and trace around that onto the brown foam sheet, making a brown foam circle about the same size as the googly eye
  • Cut that piece of brown foam out
  • Minion Gift Bag Craft
  • Flip the eyeball around and cut the back off – or mostly off
  • The best Minion Gift Bag Tutorial!
  • Insert the brown foam – where the white backing used to be – Now, you have a brown eye!
  • Glue that onto the center of the white felt circle and place the mason lid around all of it! Glue to secure!
  • Minion Gift Bag Craft
  • Cut a couple of  1/2 inch wide  strips out of your black felt to make the straps for the eye goggle, and glue those on the bag wrapping them around to the sides of the bag
  • You’re done with the eye and goggle
  • * Changing the position of the eyeball really changes the look of the minions. If you are hosting a birthday party, it would be more fun to have all of your minions posing with different expressions. Have fun with it!
  • *If you are making an eyelid for your minion – cut out a yellow foam circle the same size as your white felt circle – Cut it in half to make half circles and use one of those as an eyelid
  • Minion Gift Bag Craft

The Minion Hair:

  • Cut little strips of black felt and position them on the top of the bag, above the eye – Yellow minions are balding, and look like they’ve had hair plugs! So use the hair sparingly

The Minion Mouth:

Despicable Me Evil Minion Gift Bag Craft Tutorial! These are the best!

  • Use a black sharpie to make a frown or smile for your minion



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~Melissa –

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  1. Gude from HodgePodgeCraft

    These are incredible! I’ve included your bags in my ultimate round up of the most awesome DIY minion party ideas 🙂

    1. Melissa

      Thank you for including me, and for the wonderful compliment! 🙂

  2. MacLayne Browne

    Thanks for the great idea. I love it! Instead of gift bags I used it as birthday present bags to put the present inside.

    1. Melissa

      Oh, that’s such a cute idea! I Love it! I’m sure the birthday boy or girl was so excited! How fun!

  3. Bill O'Connor

    These are super fun and what a great activity for kids to do. Having some cotton craft bags in the closet for anytime projects is a great idea too. Kids and stamp, paint or add ribbon or lace for a personal touch.

  4. sabina

    my birthday is in 6 days and i am so happy i found this! thank you so much melissa!
    also my nickname is beanie but now my friends will call me minion-ie