Minion Party Bag Craft

This Minion Gift Bag Craft is perfect for your Despicable Me birthday party. Make it as a craft or a fun party goody bag.

– Yellow gift bags  – White Foam Paper – Yellow Foam Paper – Brown Foam Paper – Black Felt – Giant Google Eye – Silver Mason Jar Lid  – Black Sharpie – Glue


– Using the Mason Lid, trace a circle out of the white foam – Use your googly eyeball to trace around it onto the brown foam sheet – Cut the brown foam circle out – Flip the eyeball around and cut the back off

– Insert the brown foam where the white backing used to be – Glue that onto the center of the white foam circle – Glue the white foam with the eye onto the inside of the Mason jar lid.

– Cut  strips out of your black felt to make the straps for the eye goggles, and glue those on the bag – Glue the goggle straps and eyeballs onto the front of your bag

– If you are making an eyelid for your minion – cut out a yellow foam circle the same size as your white foam circle – Cut it in half to make half circles. One half-circle is one eyelid – Glue it down over the top half of the Minion eye

– Click below for different methods on how to do the hair – Use a black Sharpie to make a frown or smile for your Minion.

Click Below For Full Instructions