Mom's Spiced Wassail Recipe

This Spiced Wassail recipe, or  Perculator Punch, is delicious and easy to make. This drink has the best smells to fill your house on cold and cozy fall nights. The perfect fall drink.

- apple juice - Cranberry Juice - pineapple juice - brown sugar - whole cloves - allspice - cinnamon - cinnamon sticks - round coffee filter or mulling bag - twist tie



– Lay a coffee filter onto a flat surface – Add brown sugar, cloves, and allspice – Pull the filter up and around the spices, creating a spice bag – Secure with the twist tie – In a large pot or slow cooker, place cinnamon sticks, and add juices

– Next, add the spice bag – Bring the drink to a boil – Lower heat to simmer – Place a lid on the pot – Allow simmering  – Every once in a while, move the spice bag around

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