Paper Mache Easter Egg Craft

Paper Mache Easter Eggs are a fun and easy craft at Easter Time for kids to help make. Perfect for decoration or Easter egg hunts.

– bleached all-purpose flour – water – white school glue – salt – fake eggs – colorful cardstock – ribbon  – clear spray glaze or puzzle glue


– Mix everything to form a syrup-like texture

– Holding your egg at the top and bottom, dip your first strip of paper into the paste. – Place the paper on the egg  – Keep doing that until you have a couple of layers, filling in gaps, and overlaying paper with more paper

– Dab the paper mache eggs with a paper towel to absorb any excess paste. If you need to dampen the paper towel – Place your eggs in the shot cups to dry for a day

– While your eggs are in the cups and wet with paste, add the ribbon for hanging.  – Spray the dried egg with the clear glaze to remove the powdered look and add shine.

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