Paper Plate Sunflower Hand Print Craft

An easy and adorable paper plate sunflower made with sunflower seeds and your kid’s handprints. This sunflower craft is a great one for summer or fall. It’s simple and fun to do with the kids.

– Paper Plate – Yellow washable kid’s paint – Paintbrush or paint sponge – Glue  – Sunflower seeds in the shell – Yellow paper  – Pencil for tracing – Scissors – Green straw and a paper leaf



1. paint the top of the paper plate yellow and let dry 2. trace hands onto the yellow paper 3. spread some glue onto the middle part of the plate 4. pour a bunch of sunflower seeds onto the glue and spread them out

5. place the cut-out handprints into a circle fingers outward 6. add some glue to the palms of the handprints 7. place the plate into the middle of the palms  8. let dry 9. add a cute straw and a paper leaf

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