Patriotic Chocolate Pretzel Bites

Make the perfect Red, White and Blue treat that ‘s easy to make and absolutely delicious. Your guests will love these patriotic chocolate pretzel bite treats at your parties.


- pretzel twists - red, white, and blue chocolate melts  - microwave proof bowls - wax paper - silicone utensils - forks

– pour the chocolate melts – Melt chocolate according to the package directions  – stir until smooth – Place down sheets of wax paper  – One at a time, dip the pretzels from the bag into the melted chocolate – Use your fork to scoop the pretzel out  – Transfer the chocolate covered pretzel onto a sheet of wax paper


– Continue until you have dipped all 20 pretzels – Repeat with each color of chocolate – Insert a fork into the chocolate, hover over the chocolate pretzels while waving the fork back and forth to decorate them – Do the same thing for each color until all of the pretzels have contrasting chocolate colors – Let the chocolate dry

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