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Make the perfect Red, White and Blue treat that ‘s easy to make and absolutely delicious. Your guests will love popping these Patriotic Pretzel Bites into their mouths. They will be the hit of the patriotic treats. Come on in and I’ll share how you can make these Patriotic Pretzel Bites, today…

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Patriotic Pretzel Bites {Red, White, and Blue Treat}…

If you are looking for red, white and blue treats that are easy, fun and delicious – you have landed on the right page.

patriotic pretzel bites treats

These patriotic pretzel bites are so easy to make. The kids can even join in on the decorating fun.

Patriotic Pretzel Bites

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Making Chocolate Pretzel Bites



Patriotic Chocolate Pretzel Bites {Red, White, and Blue Treat} | Kid Friendly Things To Do

Make these fun patriotic snacks for your next Memorial Day, Fourth of July or Labor Day party.

  • Author: Melissa



Patriotic Pretzel Bites

1 (1 lb.) bag of pretzel twists

1 bag each of red, white, and blue chocolate melts (Wilton preferred)

A glass microwave proof bowl for each color of chocolate melt

wax paper

silicone utensils

3 forks


  • pour the chocolate melts from one of the bags into one of your microwave proof bowls 
  • Melt chocolate according to the package directions 
  • *I like to put the chocolate into the microwave for 1 minute – stir until smooth and if needed, pop it back in for 30 more seconds – stir until smooth
  • Place down sheets of wax paper for your chocolate to set up 

Making Chocolate Pretzel Bites

  • One at a time, dip about 20 of the pretzels from the bag into the melted chocolate

Making Chocolate Pretzel Bites

  • Use your fork to scoop the pretzel out – tapping any excess chocolate off of the pretzel
  • Transfer the chocolate covered pretzel onto a sheet of wax paper
  • Do not use all of the chocolate in the bowl. Leave some for decorating
  • Continue until you have dipped all 20 pretzels
  • Repeat with each color of chocolate

Making Chocolate Pretzel Bites

  • If needed, place the remaining chocolate into the microwave to melt it again

Making Chocolate Pretzel Bites

  • Insert a fork into the chocolate, hover over the chocolate pretzels while waving the fork back and forth to decorate them
  • Do the same thing for each color until all of the pretzels have contrasting chocolate colors
  • Let the chocolate dry


Care and Storing your chocolate covered pretzels…

  • Chocolate covered pretzels should be stored in an airtight container in a cool place, but not in the refrigerator
  • When serving, keep pretzels out of extreme heat, so the chocolate will not melt

Making Red, White and Blue Chocolate Covered Pretzels


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