Pilgrim Hat Craft

This Pilgrim Thanksgiving Hat will look adorable on the table or on your kid's head. It is easy to make and really simple. Enjoy this quick Thanksgiving craft!

1. sturdy piece of paper 2. black craft foam 3. yellow foam sheet 4. gold foam sheet 5. pipe cleaner  6. craft glue 7. measuring tape 8. marker


– Create a template and cut it out – Now, layout a black piece of paper-or-foam, and in the center, trace your hat template – Cut around the 2 vertical lines and the top shorter line – This will be the hole for a child’s head

– Now, cut curved lines from the 4 outside corners of your large black foam.  – Adjust the size of the opening so that it fits  – Turn your hat to the backside.

– Take your pipe cleaner and tape one end of it under the brim, and the other end going up the tall hat piece – Pull the center, part forward to make the pilgrim’s hat stand up – Decorate with a strip yellow foam – Finally, add a square piece of gold foam

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