Pool Noodle Halloween Candles Craft

These Pool Noodle Halloween Candles are the perfect craft and decoration for your Halloween party. Easy to make and so much fun! Recycle pool noodles to make this fun Halloween decor.


– pool noodle – scissors – low temp glue gun  – black spray paint – battery operated tea lights – masking tape – ribbon or string


– cut the pool noodle at varying lengths – stand your noodles up and squeeze out melted glue at the top of the pool noodles, going down the sides – tape the wick portion of the tea lights

– take your pool noodle pieces and the tea lights out to a well-ventilated area to spray them with the black pain t– spray noodles and tea lights  – turn noodles over and spray the rest

– when the noodles are dry, cut the center hole a little wider to fit the tea light inside  – group the candles together and tie a string to secure or glue ribbon around them  – turn the tea lights on and stick them into the holes you’ve made at the top of the candles

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