Popsicle Rice Krispies Treat

Rice Krispies Treats that scream summer! These fun popsicle shaped rice krispies treats are the perfect summer snack for the kids or for your next summer party or barbecue.

– butter  – miniature marshmallows – rice crisp cereal – red food coloring – blue food coloring



– Melt the butter – Add the marshmallows – Stir frequently while the marshmallows melt – Remove from heat – Pour the melted marshmallow into three separate bowls

– Use the blue and red food coloring to color one bowl red and one blue leaving one white – Divide rice crisp cereal into the three bowls – Mix the cereal into the melted marshmallow – Spray silicone utensils with butter spray  – Place your gloves on and spray them with butter spray

– Start packing your popsicle molds with red, then white, then blue rice krispies mixture – Place popsicle sticks into the center of the rice krispies treats – Let them cool off – Push the rice krispies out from the bottom – You may need to reshape the bottom a smidgen so it is rounded or curved again

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