Recycled Crayons

Making Recycled Crayons from old broken crayons is so much fun. The hardest part is peeling off the paper wrapper from the broken crayons. Crayon Recycling is a fun activity to do with the kids.

– A Cupcake Tin or a Silicone Mold – Cupcake Wrappers – This is if you are using a cupcake mold.  – Broken Crayons


– Preheat your oven – Put your cupcake wrappers into your cupcake tin. – Fill the wrappers up with whatever colors you want.

– Place the tin into the oven. Turn your oven light on, and in about 10 minutes, have the kids come and see. Their crayons are melting into a cool design

Set them in a safe place to cool. When they're ready, take them out of the tin and color!

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