Seven Layer Salad 

Take this delicious Seven Layer Salad Recipe to your next potluck. It's the perfect make-ahead dish to feed a crowd with layers of peas, ham, macaroni, and looks so pretty in a trifle bowl.

Here are some Ingredients You'll Need: 

lettuce frozen peas macaroni noodles ham  shredded cheese red onion chives

Dressing Ingredients: 

– mayonnaise – sour cream – Dijon mustard – fresh basil shredded – salt – garlic powder – onion powder –  ground black pepper


Cook macaroni noodles, drain, and rinse with cold water 

Layer... - lettuce - noodles - thawed peas - red onion - cubed ham - cheese - chives 

In a small bowl, mix the dressing ingredients 

Spread the dressing on top of the salad 


Optional: Top with whole basil leaves


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