Shark Hat Craft

This Shark Hat Craft is a really simple hat that packs so much fun. Such a cute summer craft for kids and perfect for an Ocean Craft, or Shark Week Party. Easy to make and so cute!

– A Visor – Stiff-white felt – Blue foam paper – Google eyes – Hot glue & hot glue gun – Scissors



– Cut out a strip with a zig-zag teeth pattern – Cut-out arched eyebrows, and a shark's fin – Cut an arch into the bottom of the fin  – Cut blue foam matching the arch of the fin and the length

– Flip the visor over to the bottom, and glue the shark's teeth  across the bottom of the visor  – Cut a little slit into the top/middle of the visor, and slide the shark fin into the slit – Add the two arched strips to the bottom of the fin – Cut a slit into the strips and secure them with glue

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