Slow Cooker Chicken in Sour Cream Sauce

 This recipe for Crockpot Chicken in Sour Cream Sauce is the perfect comfort food for a busy night. The bonus…mushrooms, sauce, and chicken, are all cooked in a slow cooker.

 Perfect for family meals, or guests. Let it cook all day in your crockpot, boil some linguine pasta, and Voila' a fancy, comfort meal.

– salt – ground black pepper – paprika – lemon-pepper seasoning – chicken breasts- skinless – cream of mushroom soup – sour cream – chicken broth – mushroom pieces, and stems - drained – linguine noodles


Mix the spices together to make a dry rub Rub onto the chicken breasts Place chicken in slow cooker


Mix the soup, sour cream, and broth Fold in mushroom pieces

Pour over chicken in the slow cooker

- Place lid on and cook on high for 4-6 hours - Whisk any broth that has risen to the top into the cream sauce

Cook noodles according to package directions

Serve chicken and sauce over cooked noodles

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