Sponge Relay

This Sponge Relay Game is the perfect water game for a hot summer day. It’s a great sponge relay for a field day game or summer party game — a hilarious competition for all ages.

– 4 Buckets – 2 Sponges  – Water – Outdoor space – Something to use as a timer



– Line teams up behind each water-filled bucket – The first two players can grab the wet sponges  – Set a time for 3 minutes – When you are ready to start, someone should signify that the first two players should go! – They, should then place the wet sponges on their heads and run to the empty buckets

– When players get to the empty buckets, they should squeeze as much water out as they can into the empty buckets and then return to the start line and hand the sponge to the next player – Player two should bend over and fill the sponges with water and then place it on their head – Play continues like this until the time is up and the person in charge signifies for them to stop

– The fill buckets should be compared to see whose bucket has the most water – The team whose bucket has the most water wins the game

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