St. Patrick's Day Pot of Gold Cupcakes

This Pot of Gold Cupcake with candy cupcake toppers made to look like a rainbow and an adorable pot of gold is perfect for St. Patrick’s Day. Easy to make and a delicious dessert.

– cupcakes  – green frosting – mini Reese's cups – chocolate frosting – gold sprinkles – airhead bites rainbow candies


– allow your cupcakes to completely cool – add green frosting to your bag that already has a star or grass tip in place

– frost the cupcakes by squeezing out the frosting going in an up and down pattern – squeeze onto the cake – spread some chocolate frosting on the top of a mini Reese’s

– place the candy on the cupcake and shake gold sprinkles onto the chocolate frosting – add the rainbow at an angle so it looks like it is pointing toward the sky

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