Stuff The Turkey Thanksgiving Game

Stuff The Turkey Game is an easy-to-make game that is a Thanksgiving Game for Kids. It’s so, so super simple to make, and a lot of fun for everyone.

– paper bags – scrap pieces of paper or newspaper – white tissue paper – Stapler – Warm glue gun and glue sticks – White paper – Brown paper – Green paper


– Once you have your bag all set and ready to become a turkey, fold about 4 inches of the top down toward the inside of the bag – Take the two edges of the bag, and fold at a diagonal – Staple those two folds down

– Take your scrap pieces of paper and wad them up – Stuff the bottom of the 2 small brown bags with the wadded-up paper – Place the ends of the white tissue paper down into the bags with only the end peaking out about 1-2 in

– Twist the top of the bags around and glue or staple them to secure – Glue the turkey legs onto the big turkey bag – wad up your colored paper of green, brown, white, and other colors you have chosen to resemble what you put into your turkey stuffing

Make 3 Paper Bag Turkeys and divide players into 2 teams. Place all 3 turkey bags in a vertical line and assign points to each bag First team to 21 wins

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