Summer Shark Drink

Summer is such a fun time to get creative with drinks. This Summer Shark Drink is perfect for Shark Week and hot summer days. Cool off with this fun beverage that is easy to make and delicious.

– Hawaiian Punch Polar Blast  – 7Up – frozen limeade concentrate – ice  – peach rings – shark gummies – optional: grenadine syrup



– In a large pitcher, pour the punch and lemon lime soda – add frozen limeade and mix until dissolved

– Fill cups to the top with ice – Pour drink into ice

– Place in a straw – Place a peach ring over the straw  – Cut a slit into the bottom of the shark so you can place it on the edge of the cup – Another idea is to place a shark face down into the drink like it is swimming – Optional: pour in a small amount of red grenadine syrup to resemble blood

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